The Difficulty with the Equal Pay for the USWNT Argument

The US women won the World Cup again, solidifying themselves as one of the top dynasties of all time in the sport of soccer/football. In fact, there was not a single minute in the entire World Cup that the US team were losing. In light of this dominance, a renewed argument sparked by the women […]

USWNT Just Broke the Record for Single Season Soccer Jersey Sales, Beating the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid Men’s Teams

With the Women’s World Cup ongoing, it’s no surprise that sales of the US women’s jersey are through the roof for Nike, especially given their “Year of Woman” as campaign. What is surprising, though, is that the US women’s jersey sales have surpassed every record for single season, single team jersey sales. Beating the US […]

England Fans Are Big Mad Over Alex Morgan Stuntin on Em

In case you live under a rock, the women’s World Cup is ongoing. The US happens to be really really good (women only…the men’s team is still awful). The US has been slaughtering teams left and right on their way to an unprecedented 3rd straight WWC final. Their latest victim? England. After her 6th goal […]

Pirates Fans Should Hope for Josh Bell to Slump in July

Being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan is hell. Plain and simple. Two decades of losing can absolutely demoralize a fan base (I see you @knicks). So when the Pirates actually have a few decent players, it’s hard not to fall in love with the plucky underdog, the kids brought up through the farm system making huge […]

The Warriors Just Retired KD’s Jersey…?

The Warriors majority owner released a statement “unofficially” retiring KD’s Jersey But..why..? Sure, he helped them to two championships. Sure, he was arguably the best player in the league over that span, but to retire his number the SAME day as KD’s camp badmouthed the warriors organization? Yeesh Durant felt like a “second fiddle” and […]