Both LA NBA Teams Are Way More Optimistic Than They Should Be.

If you’ve opened Twitter in the last month, you’d assume either the Clippers or the Lakers already won the 2020 NBA title. Why? WHY. Both teams have such a small margin for error to even make the WCF in a ridiculously tough conference. The Lakers Let’s start with the Lakers. The most annoying and ignorant […]

The Warriors Just Retired KD’s Jersey…?

The Warriors majority owner released a statement “unofficially” retiring KD’s Jersey But..why..? Sure, he helped them to two championships. Sure, he was arguably the best player in the league over that span, but to retire his number the SAME day as KD’s camp badmouthed the warriors organization? Yeesh Durant felt like a “second fiddle” and […]

The Nets are about to be the greatest 3-legged-race contenders of all time

Between KD and Kyrie, you’ve got 3 perfectly good legs. Take them bad boys out to a field, tie em up, greatest show this flat earth’s ever seen. I’m not a doctor, sure, but I do know a thing or two about having 3 legs. And sure it’s difficult to walk sometimes, ya know, carrying […]