This Area 51 Storming Plan Has Got to End

Everyone and their grandma apparently has signed the petition to storm Area 51 and discover all the juicy, alien secrets within. More than 1 million people have joined the event saying they “plan to attend the raid” on Area 51. That’s absolutely insane. Man, if you wanna see some weird shit, there’s better ways than […]

The Bagel Boss Guy is the Unintentional King of the Internet

If you haven’t seen the bagel boss guy yet, what are you doin dude. It is a must-see video of the most rage bundled in the smallest body known to man. Here’s the original video: What an absolute meltdown, temper tantrum from this guy. So much sexual frustration just exploding from the very core of […]

Clout Chaser Could Get 20 Years In Jail for Licking Ice Cream In Stores and Replacing It

Look, I love a good prank as much as the next guy. Leave a Smirnoff Ice in your buddy’s bed, swap out their salt for sugar, set a picture of your butt cheeks as their phone background when they aren’t paying attention. Ya know, funny stuff with 2 HUGE conditions: 1. You know the person. […]

Kim Kardashian’s “Kimono” Line is a Hilarious Reminder of Just How Dumb the Kardashians are

They’ve done it again. Just when you thought the Kardashian’s ate the trash for the last time, they do it again. Hm…passionate about it for 15 years…ok got it…developing for a full year…great, good… “let’s call it Kim-ono.” Are you fucking joking. Fun fact for you Kim! Kimono is traditional Japanese dress, and I know […]