Pirates Fans Should Hope for Josh Bell to Slump in July

Being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan is hell. Plain and simple. Two decades of losing can absolutely demoralize a fan base (I see you @knicks). So when the Pirates actually have a few decent players, it’s hard not to fall in love with the plucky underdog, the kids brought up through the farm system making huge […]

The Warriors Just Retired KD’s Jersey…?

The Warriors majority owner released a statement “unofficially” retiring KD’s Jersey But..why..? Sure, he helped them to two championships. Sure, he was arguably the best player in the league over that span, but to retire his number the SAME day as KD’s camp badmouthed the warriors organization? Yeesh Durant felt like a “second fiddle” and […]

The Nets are about to be the greatest 3-legged-race contenders of all time

Between KD and Kyrie, you’ve got 3 perfectly good legs. Take them bad boys out to a field, tie em up, greatest show this flat earth’s ever seen. I’m not a doctor, sure, but I do know a thing or two about having 3 legs. And sure it’s difficult to walk sometimes, ya know, carrying […]