If you haven’t seen the bagel boss guy yet, what are you doin dude. It is a must-see video of the most rage bundled in the smallest body known to man.

Here’s the original video:

What an absolute meltdown, temper tantrum from this guy. So much sexual frustration just exploding from the very core of this little man. It’s like a dwarf star going supernova. Pun semi intended. This loose cannon only has time for THREE PEOPLE: 1. God. 2. My dad. 3. My boss.

But what’s even better is the hilarious run this guy is on, an absolute content machine.

Like John Lennon, I too, am a prophet of the modern era. But bad news for potential murderers, you just can’t stop this man from spreading his message of peace to the world.

This poor man just cannot catch a break

Overnight, bagel boss guy has begun complete internet dominance and the memes are flowing:

One dude even made an ASMR version which is just pure comedy:

Don’t get me wrong, this guy’s probably had a rough life, and clearly has not had much luck on the aforementioned dating sites, but buddy…ya can’t go baby hulk in the bagel shop. Ya just can’t.

I, for one, feel incredibly lucky to live in a world with a content factory like this guy, so long as I never actually have to interact with him.

You may be short in stature, but your legacy is the of the gods, (maybe even your boss and father too).

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