If you’ve opened Twitter in the last month, you’d assume either the Clippers or the Lakers already won the 2020 NBA title. Why? WHY. Both teams have such a small margin for error to even make the WCF in a ridiculously tough conference.

The Lakers

Let’s start with the Lakers. The most annoying and ignorant franchise on earth. The head office that was the laughing stock of the NBA lucked into signing LeBron, then gave up the house for AD’s last contract year. A team that did not even make the playoffs last year, with LeBron? Add in AD, who it would be a miracle if he played 50 games and suddenly you’re a guaranteed NBA title??? With a rapidly aging superstar who is undeniably one of the worst/hardest teammates to play with in the league, and gives less and less effort every season? Add in a bunch of bums and aging veterans and suddenly you’re a guarantee? There are so many holes with this team that dumb Laker fans simply refuse to acknowledge. Even if LBJ and AD combine for 80 ppg, the Lakers could still lose tons of games by double digits based off their supporting roster.

Knowing LeBron and AD, they’ll will their way to the playoffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they barely snag a 5th seed or even lower.

The Clippers

The Clippers, not to be outdone, followed big brother’s footsteps, got two incredible players, gutted their own future. Kawhi is arguably the best player in the NBA today, but again, with his old management needs, I’d be surprised if he played more than 60 games. Paul George hasn’t had a healthy shoulder since the day he was born. Now the clippers are saying he’s likely to miss the first couple months of next season. Both Kawhi and PG can become free agents at the end of the 2021 season. That means PG is already set to miss a huge chunk of his entire stay with the Clips. Admittedly, the Clippers have a much more complete and deep roster than the Lakers, and time missed by the two superstars could more easily be compensated by their depth, but in no way are they a guarantee either. They’re a few injury flare ups away from the 8 seed.

Look, both teams are going to be competitive this season, and potential contenders come playoff time, but to go ahead and put a guarantee on an LA team winning the title is insanity. Absolute insanity.

Finally, it’s a little embarrassing how little both teams have considered the future. Neither team has any picks or mobility for the next few years, LBJ is about to retire, Kawhi has forced his way out of two teams in two seasons, PG and Kawhi could both leave after two years (when the full effects of no picks set in), AD only has one year left on his contract, which is always scary for an injury prone superstar.

LA. Calm down.

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