In case you live under a rock, the women’s World Cup is ongoing. The US happens to be really really good (women only…the men’s team is still awful).

The US has been slaughtering teams left and right on their way to an unprecedented 3rd straight WWC final. Their latest victim? England.

After her 6th goal of the tournament, US Captain Alex Morgan faked sipping tea in a hilarious, in-your-face move that apparently made most England fans quite upset.

Aside from being a hilarious show of dominance by Morgan, this is a perfectly tailored celebration for the moment. I mean come on, even I fancy a spot of tea while watching our women smoke the brits.

Of course a few salty English fans took offense to the celebration.

That’s the most ‘offense’ the English could muster in the whole second half. Theresa May should take a note or two on how the Americans do Brexit.

We get it, you lost, you’re upset. Maybe a nice piping hot cuppa FREEDOM would help.

That’s the tea, sis.

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